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Welcome to RTN “Reveal TV Network.” This is a platform that you and your family can trust. RTN strives to “Reveal Jesus To The Nations” through Live TV broadcasts, licensed family-friendly Christian Movies, and TV Shows just to help you stay connected to Jesus.


  • Movie licensing: Our Ministry contacts movie studios, negotiates, and pays licensing fees in order to obtain the amazing movies you see on our platform.

  • TV Show licensing: Just like Movies, we also have to separately license every single TV Show and every single episode from Movie Studios and make them available as well for a small donation.

  • Broadcasting servers: In order for our team to broadcast our 5 live TV stations to the world, we also have to lease and maintain servers and pay for powerful CDNs and solid high quality hosting in order for you to enjoy our content buffer-free, regardless of the device you are using. Reveal TV Network broadcasts to the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Spanish speaking nations.

  • World Outreach: In order to bring the Gospel to the world, we have to advertise our content in order to share the awareness that we exist. You probably discovered our Ministry through an ad campaign.

  • Our Team: Our team of dedicated volunteers work long days and long nights to make sure our website, live TV, Streaming content, and Outreach Ministry is always operational 24/7.

So this is why we need your donation. We believe in the Lord and we have Faith that he will touch your heart to support his vision, which is our mission, to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

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